Marketing & Communication for the equestrian sector

Our main goal is to spread, enhance and strengthen your brand.  

Chacco Marketing & Communication is born to join marketing and advertising with the equestrian sector.  

To do this, we put at your disposal the key tools and actions of digital and traditional marketing: corporate identity, web development, management of your social networks, mailing, communication, event production, among many others. 

Why us?

Marketing Specialists

Because we have the experience, tools and knowledge of marketing, communication and advertising, to take your brand to another level and to achieve the objectives you are pursuing.

Passion for horse riding

Because we love the horse world and everything related to the equestrian sector. Our passion leads us to a direct relationship with you as a high level horseman or horsewoman, understanding your profession and its specific needs when it comes to effectively impacting your target audience.

New technologies

Because we unite knowledge, experience and passion under the same philosophy: incorporate new technologies and trends to help you differentiate yourself, enhance your brand, generate engagement, improve your follower loyalty and attract new ones.

Interview at Rienda Suelta

by Inma Ugarrio | Interview with Shelly Ramírez CEO Chacco Marketing & Communication

What can we do for you?

Marketing and strategy

The strategic Marketing Plan becomes the essential tool to undertake the actions that will finally achieve your desired goals.

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Web design

We develop your website according to your needs: online store, personal brand website, corporate website, etc. This online showcase, functional and adapted to all devices, will serve you to catch the attention of your potential customers and strengthen your brand.

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Community Manager

We help you connect with your audience through the most appropriate social networks for your business or personal brand through our social media management and Social Media plans. 

We make a Social Media Plan to define the current state of your business, your competitors, your objectives and the actions to be taken to take your business to another level.

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With a series of communication actions we will disseminate your values, projects or concepts that define your brand to make it known or strengthen it: press releases, communication plans, press conference, etc., through specialized and general media.

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Branding – Corporate identity

A well-defined brand identity must convey your values ​​and your strengths. We do not remain on the design of the logo, we go further by defining a coherent style so that all the elements of your business have the same graphic line.

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Graphic design

Do you need to perform specific actions on physical media? The design of graphic materials will be useful for covering all the communication options which are complementary to online actions: posters, brochures, catalogues, billboards, and everything you can imagine.

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Sponsorship and brands

We manage sponsorships and collaborations with brands related to the sector for those riders and riders who want to be influencers.

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Photography and videos

We carry out photo and video sessions to make high-quality material that will later enrich your website, your social networks and other advertising media. The distinguishing and unique element will help you attract and increase your followers and customers loyalty.

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Event management and production

We manage and carry out events related to the equestrian world covering all its stages, and organizing all the communication actions required for the event to be a complete success. 

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Check our rates

Here you will find a detailed list of our services and rates, with visual examples of our work. Logo design, social media management, presentation dossier, communication in specialized media and, ultimately, everything you need to take advantage of your personal brand.

“If you love what you do, you will never have to work.”

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